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Cy-Clone Game

Cy-Clone game   download Cy-Clone
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Size: 149.41 MB
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Cy-Clone Game - Shooting Games with colorful graphics and adventurous space theme. In an intergalactic dimension, aliens are try to annihilate all the mankind. We are  faces a threat beyond any they`ve ever known. One hope remains. We must clone their superior technology and use it against invader. Can you navigate new biospheres in a morphing 3D universe? Avoid the glowing-eyed skull, and prevail in Cy-Clone, a thrilling sci-fi Shooter game. Are you ready?

Cy-Clone game Screenshots

Cy-Clone screenshotCy-Clone screenshot
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Cy-Clone game Full Version Features.

Enjoy unlimited play time 

Space Shooter game expriences

Superior technology to clone

Protect mankind from destruction

Cool graphics

Easy to Learn and Play

Fun, Addictive Play

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System Requirement for Cy-Clone game

OS:         Window ME/2000/XP/VISTA

CPU :      600Mhz or faster Processor

RAM :      256 MB

DirectX:  7.0 or later

Need a bit more time before buying? Download the free trial version of Cy-Clone Game now, where you can try out all of the game's features for free for a limited period of time!

download Cy-Clone now   buy Cy-Clone now
FREE Trial Version.
Size: 149.41 MB
  Full unlimited version
100% Safe / No Adware or Spyware!


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