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Satisfashion Game

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Satisfashion Game - combination of fashion time management and arcade gameplay. As a young girl, Grace always had a sense of fashion, dressing dolls and designing her own clothes. She grew up surrounded by friends asking her for fashion tips. Once word of her talent spread, a famous designer came to offer Grace a position at the top of the fashion world. As a top-model designer you will study the latest trends, select makeup, coordinate colors, skirts, tops, shoes, everything! Then send the models out on the runway. But remember, in this business, time is money.


Satisfashion game Screenshots

Satisfashion game screenshotSatisfashion game screenshotSatisfashion game screenshot
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Satisfashion game Full Version Features.

Enjoy unlimited play time 

Fun Fashion Time Management Gameplay

Unique 48 levels to play

Three gameplay modes

Different 8  location 

Study the fabulous trends

Build the hottest outfits

Dress models for the runway

Fun, Addictive Play

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System Requirement for Satisfashion game

OS:         Window XP/VISTA

CPU :      Pentium 600Mhz or faster Processor

RAM :      128 MB

DirectX:  6.0 or later

Need a bit more time before buying? Download the free trial version of Satisfashion Game now, where you can try out all of the game's features for free for a limited period of time!

Download Satisfashion game now   Order Satisfashion game now
FREE Trial Version.
Size: 66 MB
No Adware or Spyware!
  Full Unlimited Version. Processed by secure third-party site.


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