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Guide & Help about Casual Game Downloads

Why casual games have been very popular lately?
1. Casual games are easy to learn to play
2. You can play at any time you prefer
3. Casual games are always fun to play for all ages
4. You can try any games before you buy
5. Casual games are inexpensive. Most games cost less than $20.

What's the difference between Demo and Full (registered) Version?
1. A demo version of any game allows you to try it for 30-60 minutes or limited turns. After the demo expires, you will be asked to buy the full version or lose the game progress that you've played.
2. A full version of every game gives you unlimited playtime without any restrictions. You own the game forever. You can install the game on multiple computers too.

What is shareware?
Shareware allow you to try a game before you buy it. That means you can play and evaluate the game for specified time.

How do I download a game?
1. Go to the game page and click free-trial "Download" link.
2. You will be prompted to download and install the file.

How do I install the file?
Double click on the game file that you download. And follow instructions on the screen.

How do I uninstall the file?
1. Click "Start" menu
2. Select "Programs"
3. Select the game folder
4. Click "Uninstall"
5. Alternatively, you can also uninstall from the "Control Panel"

How do I buy a game?
Click "Buy" button and you can choose to pay via credit cards, paypal, etc.

What about customer support?
After you purchase a game, you'll be given contact information for customer support

Why do I get the message that my game contains a virus?
Some anti-viral or personal firewall applications incorrectly identify some of our games as containing viruses and disrupt or block the software from running. Please be assured that the games coming from us or our partners are virus free.

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